Winning Resume and Interview

Basic Rules for a Well-Written Resume

Constructing The Resume

  1. The top of your resume should include your full name and the city and state in which you live. Place this information on the main sheet of your resume, avoiding the header feature for your name.

  2. Header and Footer features to be used for page numbers only.

  3. Use a font that is easy to read. Arial 10 is best. (Avoid Times New Roman and Courier New)

  4. Remove any boxes and lines to facilitate easy changes in the event, with your permission, your recruiter may need to make changes.

  5. Spell check should always be used before emailing your resume.

  6. Resume should be sent as a Word document rather than a PDF.

Writing The Resume

  1. Do not talk about yourself in the first person or third person. Take out the I's.

  2. To describe your experience, always use action words. Begin your sentences with a verb, such as Designed, Developed, Wrote, Coded, Analyzed, Reconfigured, Maintained, Provided,Led etc.  

  3. If software experience is required, always include the software you used in the description for each job.

  4. Dates should be in number form rather than words to make your resume appear less cluttered. i.e.  8/05-12/08 rather than August 05 - December 08. Always include the month that you started or ended a job.       

  5. Only bold the job title and company name

  6. Use the term Information Technology instead of Data Processing.

  7. Each job should have a description of your responsibilities rather than a long explanation of the company or project .  Please include applications.

  8. If you have had the same responsibilities in one or more companies, describe your experience differently rather than cutting and pasting the same words for each job.


Click here for a sample resume.


Tips for Phone Interviews

Keep in mind that when you create an excellent first impression on the phone, your chances of being invited for an in-person interview increase significantly. Here are some suggestions: